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Nifty gann cycle

Combining the power of Elliott wave along with Gann and traditional technical tools. Post a Comment. Elliott Wave India - Taking technical analysis to next level.

Below research highlights - Understanding the trend of Nifty with application of Gann theory, Hurst time cycle combined with Neo wave. Nifty has continued to be in Bulls radar and tested the new life time high of If we ignore the last 2 days of up move then in the entire month of April we have witnessed overlapping kind of down move from to level. However interesting thing is that entire movement of April which has happened till now is exactly as per the path shown in the research report.

We predicted accurately the path of Nifty based on Advanced Technical concepts such Neo wave, Gann square of Nine price projection and Hurst Time cycles. On Figure 5 we have applied Gann square of Nine price projections.

This is applied by looking at degrees on Square of Nine. The below figure shows square of Nine method. Yellow highlighted area on the right side is the 0 degree and on the left side is degrees. Since the price levels on Nifty we are looking at is nearly in range of the same cannot be shown here. But we have made excel projections with the entire cells till more than marked in the below fashion. Due to restriction of space the same cannot be shown here. So the price levels marked on Figure 5 is derived from the yellow region on the left side of x axis which is in series of 2, 11, 28, 53 etc.

So if the reading continues you will come across, ,… marked on above chart. As per this logic since the level of is now broken decisively and prices managed to form higher highs and higher lows above this level the next level to look out for is at ….

Square of Nine:. The path is shown on the chart based on channels and Time cycles. As per this we should see some pullback on downside towards the level of after one more push towards the channel resistance.

This path is only tentative as Time cycles can lose its validity during strong trending moves. Displaced cycle 55 days: Due to Demonetization and Trump victory on 9 th Novemberthe cycles got little distorted. It is unclear as of now if the original cycle red is working or the displaced one blue is more important which is from the important lows. We are therefore going to use cycle analysis only with little caution unless further clarity is obtained.

Neo wave existing wave counts: As mentioned earlier looking at the sharp rise even above the high of there is a possibility that wave [E] is over in form of a running triangle pattern and next big up move has started.

Nevertheless the rallies are going to be corrected by declines and sometimes sharp which will provide excellent opportunities to enter. So for now prices are moving in form of wave ….

Now as the rise has been in overlapping fashion without sufficient time correction it means that it is not a normal impulse but ……. In a nutshell, looking at the overall trend so far the best strategy to follow is the weekly bar method. Nifty can move as per the path shown ….


Happened: Nifty is moving precisely as per the path shown on the chart on 4 th April Post publishing of this research prices corrected from to level and protected level which was mentioned as per Gann square of Nine price projections.Quick Payment. Free Member Login. Client Login. Below research highlights application of Gann square of nine along with 35 days cycle on which there has been a big red candle formation.

NIFTY cycle prediction

Gann found various unorthodox methods in order to forecasts the markets. He had amazing records showing gains across asset class — Equity, Commodity, Agri and more. There are various different methods followed and I am showcasing one of them shown below in order to time the markets. Nifty daily chart with Calendar days. The above chart shows Gann time cycles followed on the 90 degree on Square of Nine.

You can read our earlier post on Square of Nine. These Gann cycles are applied on Calendar days and not trading days.

It helps to understand short term reversal for few days and at times major tops or bottoms. From the above chart we can clearly see that th day marked very important top for Nifty post which the downtrend started. As of now from the lows of levels we have continued to see alternate period tops and bottoms. These tops and bottoms are not that major but have still resulted into 2 to 3 days of reversal.

Nevertheless it helps in timing the market. Even the recent lows as per Gann cycle resulted into two days of up move. Infact on all of the occasions Nifty opened higher on these days and closed negative forming a big red candle. These are minor observations but very important as it helps to time the market probably to the day.

We do not use only Time cycles but combine them with pattern analysis using Neo wave — Advanced Elliott wave methods. Simply imagine the power if we are able to understand the pattern under formation using these cycles and combining it with Neo wave.

Forecasting is all about probability and cycles are always tricky as they can vanish without prior indication but when they works in sync that is the scenario to go all in!!! These methods are not easy to implement so you can share across your charts and findings on our Discussion Forums and get inputs to keep the learning ongoing in most practical ways.

More details on Neo wave and Time cycles. Limited Seats available. This can be one of the best investments you can make!February 3. February 3, Last week below Nifty made the low arounddid our all the targets on the downside. The Index ended the previous week with points loss. Nifty Technical Analysis.

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nifty gann cycle

Tweet 0. In the coming week, Nifty is approaching the minor fixed time cycle period. Nifty Weekly Gann Angle Chart. Nifty Weekly Analysis. Nifty Weekly Trading Levels. Related Post. In the last analysis, we discussed. The Index ended The Patience is one quality that you must have or gain to maintain the winning streak. No matter Below that we can se In the Nifty last analysis, we discussed.

Last week Nifty opened a gap-down below and did the low around level.

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The low was ju Trading loss in the stock market may not just impact your pocket. But can also prove to be a draiGann J. HERE - all posts related to W. William Delbert Gann was a trader who developed the technical analysis tools known as Gann AnglesSquare of 9Hexagon, and Circle of Gann's market forecasting methods are based on geometry, astronomy and astrologyand ancient mathematics.

He was supposedly one of the most successful stock and commodity traders that ever lived. Born in Lufkin, Texas on June 6,W.

Using his own style of technical analysis, W. Gann was reported to have taken more than 50 million dollars in profits out of the markets. He based his trading methods on time and price analysis. This made it possible for Mr. Gann to determine not only when a trend change was imminent, but also what the best price would be to enter, or exit that market. So accurate were Mr. Gann's techniques that in the in the presence of representatives of a major financial publication, he made trades in a period of 25 market days.

Of these, trades were profitable. Before venturing into Gann's original work, a good orientation and overview is THIS brief summary of his techniques of analysis and trading or THIS more extended overview. Inaged 68, W. Gann produced a reading list for his students. Gann says: " The Great Time Cycles are most important because they record the periods of extreme high or low prices.

The Year Time Cycle is one of the very important ones because it is two times This time period must always be watched at the end of long time periods. For example: was 90 years from Study the Wheat prices around this time. Note low prices of Wheat around that time. Wheat reached high in June, selling atsome contracts at and Add 45 years and we get when extreme low was reached.

From we again add 45 years and get The Year Cycle projects low prices in to Gann Nifty Trading Cycle1- This the initial cycle this course start with. Fees- Rs 28, All the above cycles could be learned at Rs 46, Data will be provided for the cyclessuch that you will know many years in advance when the cycle date is going to take place.

Here is the Proof of my Nifty Gann Cycle The mail which I already did on 23rd July to Students and clients.

nifty gann cycle

Let me tell you that there is no astrology involved in this course, it is just the planetary movement which be used to identify the swing trading opportunities.

However, you will get 5 to 6 hours of guidance to test the historical moves and really appreciate and get confident that cycle really works beautifully on NIFTY.

I have multiplied money many times working on this cycle. Once I bought options at Rs 30 and sold them at Rs It was 16 times or Rs 1,60, my trading capital of Rs 10, You can deposit the fees and inform me at my Mobile or Email ID, to fix the timings for training.

Training timings are flexible. In case of any other questions and queries as well mail me at Ruchirgupta gmail. Saturn has played a critical role in almost every bear moves. It is the second largest planet of our solar system after Jupiter.

Each planet has its Magnetic field which affects the life on the earth. Saturn has a very strong magnetic energy field which affect human psychology. How to enter? What should be the Stop? When to book profits? When to revise the Stops? When to Exit? How will Gann Saturn Cycle Course help you?Forex, futures and options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk.

You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Forex, futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trading in the Foreign Exchange market is a challenging opportunity where above average returns are available for educated and experienced investors who are willing to take above average risk. However, before deciding to participate in Foreign Exchange FX trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Our website is not qualified or licensed to provide financial advice. You must seek guidance from your personal advisors before acting on this information. Trading can result in losses. We will accept no responsibility for any losses you may incur.

Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Please see other Disclaimers and Warnings elsewhere on this site. Worldwide Indices. Trading Instrument. Wrong Trades.

nifty gann cycle

Trade Accuracy.Your giudence will make my trading better. Is there any indian publication of the book-Michael S. Biplab Soory Biplab - The material in the book is Copy-righted i cant publish his work -I have just shown you above how the squareing time and price works - even you can apply that - its just the basic thing - you cannot get knowledge without work - so please spent some time on the above concept - yo will get the understanding. But in the above article u have put up, u have not given any clue how to apply the concept in real life trading, otherwise the whole concept is going above head.

If u have not given the example then the concept would not have been clear, now with the example this concept is crystal clear. In the interaction all the difficultiesin understanding got solved. GANN ANGLE article is the best article in this blog so far So siri request u to include a real life example in every topic u put up, it will be really hepful for all the readers of this blog.

Using Gann's theory on Market Timing along with other Advanced Mathematical formulae, we are predicting tomorrow's stock market movement in Advance Forecast Graph for World indices, stocks, commodities, currency and Forex markets. For more details, please visit www. Intraday traders may also use these auto calculated Gann square of 9 levels based on the last day closing prices for nifty and it's components.

Intraday Stock Tips. How to get sq of 9 for time measurement horizontal Gann ke Chacha. Dear GP, i am new to this blog. Can any one learn w d gann and made money. Inform me on brij gmail. Nifty Gann Analysis. About - W. The squaring of price and time was one of the most important and valuable discoveries that Gann ever made. Gann suggested traders square the range, low prices, and high prices. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. VK 3 January at GP 10 December at ND 16 May at Ajay Singh 28 December at Ajay Singh 6 January at Unknown 8 February at Ashish Sankhla 25 July at GP 3 September at Deven 13 September at Unknown 20 July at Anonymous 15 December at Unknown 10 August at Parimal 27 August at Ruchir Gupta 6 February at Brij 31 March at Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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